Piero Quintiliani
Italian industrial designer

Always design-oriented he began his training in the workshops of jewelery and metal art where he learned the techniques of embossing and sculpting, lost wax casting, filigree, engraving and silicone moulds. He studied Industrial Design at Isia (Institute for Higher Art Industries) where hi graduated with full marks with the project Mandibola – motorcycle helmets – that win the design award Adi Design Index 2004 of the young designers category. In 2002, he initiated a number of important collaborations with Ondesign which allowed him to create products of brands such as Addex design, Bomtempi, Dupont, Oregon Scientific, Tim, Telecom Italia. Among these, Kamilla – digital alarm clock for children produced by Oregon Scientific – he win the Adi Design Index 2002 and attended the prestigious Adi Golden Compass awards. Upon that period a new era of experience commences, working on his projects using equipment for 3D scanning, 3D modelling software, CNC machines and devices for rapid prototyping. He acquires technical expertise in project development, taking care personally of the engineering and product industrialisation. Parallel to activities as designer and art director, Quintiliani has taught product design, materials technology and design modelling at the “Istituto Italiano Design” in Perugia and at the “Prima Facoltà di Architettura “Ludovico Quaroni” University of Rome. He is currently working with various companies that operate in different market sectors (car and motorcycle accessories, furnitures, beauty e fitness, household, appliance, medical products, work equipment, tool machines, toy design) collaborating with them for all aspects concerning the creation and development of new products and their communication.

He works for italian and international company like Addex design, Alcatel, Algida, Agv, Amplifon, Airoh, Aux, Bontempi, Cordivari, Eni, Fiat, Indesit, Maroma, Mercedes-Benz, Oregon scientific, Joycare, Renault, Tim, Telecom Italia.


China account manager

Alberto E.

Annunziata R.
Export manager

Andrea R.

Andrea G.
Industrial designer senior

Edoardo R.
Interior designer

Gianfranco A.
Multimedica designer

Giorgio M.
Industrial designer junior

Fabrizio G.

Marina S.
Industrial designer junior

Moris P.

Paolo F.
Industrial designer senior


We design innovative products optimizing performance, materials, price, packaging, communication and marketing. We develop advanced websites and product interfaces, we design the product packaging, its identity and positioning on the market with a 360° design. Research, analisys and management are the tools of our work: trend analysis, marketing positioning, design management.

We create and develop the corporate identity with a global view: from the brand to the point of sale, the catalog and website. From the product to its distribution and selling, applying corporate values. Manage the idea communication consistent with the consumer.