Our goal is to create value for our customers. To this aim we work through marketing, product design and development (engineering), branding and management. Our experience comes from the belief that design is transversal. We collaborate with our customers respecting timing and constraints.


Industrial design

We can respond effectively both to the client’s needs and to the users requirements thanks to the correct interpretation of the market indicators. We design innovative products that people love to have. Our experience and method allow us to spread magnificent ideas into the market.

– Market analisys
– Product strategy
– Product design
– 3D CAD modelling
– Photorealistic rendering
– 3D animations


Product development

We develop our projects through different 3D modelling techniques, FEM analysis and rapid prototyping technologies. Once the project is defined we produce all the technical drawings necessary to production.

– 3D Mechanical design
– Engineering design
– FEM analysis
– Structural analysis
– Testing


Prototyping and Pre-serie

We make prototyping using the best 3d printing technologies in term of functionality and aesthetic result. We offer to the customer a pre-serie service for different materials such as plastic, rubber, metal, wood, marble, etc.

– FDM, Fused deposition modeling
– SLS, Selective Laser Sintering
– SLA, Stereolithography
– Silicon molding
– Pre-series by Injection molding


Production management

We collaborate with specialized experts in order to carry out all of the steps necessary for project development and production:

– Thermosetting and thermoplastic molding material (rotational, injection, emptying, etc.)
– Metal molding (cold forging, cast molding, etc.)
– Numerically controlled milling
– Carpentry (tube bending, cutting, welding, etc.)
– Laser cutting
– Thermoforming
– Sheet metalworking



We make your brand unique and recognizable. Our aim is to create and develop the corporate identity with a global view: from the brand to the selling point, the product and its distribution, the catalogue and website.

– Brand design
– Corporate identity
– Exhibition stand design
– POP and visual merchandising
– Retail design
– Packaging design


Multimedia design

We design interactive media solutions that people can easily experience and understand. Our aim is to create effective and efficient interactive systems, harmonizing functionality and appeal.

– User experience (UX design)
– Interface design (UI design)
– Responsive web site
– Interaction design
– Multimedia
– Usability and ergonomics
– Infographic design


Your benefits

Our customer choose us because we are a multidisciplinary group of professionals (product designers, engineers, architects, graphics and UX designers, copywriters, marketing experts) that work passionately, with commitment and seriousness.



We have the know-how of industrial production and understand the importance of the delivery. We follow the customer from the idea to its development and manufacture.


With our expertise in both design and branding we collaborate with our customer to create innovative products and their communication: packaging, catalogues, logos and corporate, selling point.




From the idea to production and packaging. A turnkey project with a preliminar cost analisys and time delivery. Design, testing, production, quality control, packaging and shipping. Case history


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