We are product design firm, a team of industrial designers and mechanical engineers that work together for global Brands and Startup. One of the top industrial design company.


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We are a product design studio customer oriented

We are a perfect partner if you have been looking for a product design agency. Ours company provides services on creativity and development of industrial product design. We support our customers with innovative design strategies that stand out on the market for quality, elegance and effectiveness of the solutions.

We are an Italian industrial design company that works with international brands. Ours is a consultancy that produces value, quality and innovation: we develop ideas and solutions to create successful products with a strong identity and excellent performance.

We are a global design agency awards winner.

We won important international product design awards in different market sectors.

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TDA Technology

Internal stakeholders are pleased with Pq Design’s performance, noting their timeliness, reliability, and responsibility. The team is responsive and collaborative, willing to propose new ideas and make changes for the success of the project.

Elena Larkin


It’s the most beautiful meditation device I have seen. It’s my honor working with you.

Co founder


The product that Pq design designed for our company is valued in our market. Personally I think that it’s a masterpiece. 

Giuseppe D’Aversa


Piero demostrates a strong experience and knowledge in the wearable technology.   He has fully satisfed our requests.

Max Garuzzo
CEO,  Mybringer


Great products spring from shared projects, where each involved partner is responsive, careful, and focused on the targets of budget, timing and quality of the final outcome. Pq design studio is this precious kind of partner…

Davide Garofalo
Founder & CEO,  Mybringer

Yanko design

Love to read but also a tad forgetful? You need this! It’s called the LastWord and it goes beyond the basic functionality of a bookmark. Not only will it save your page, but it will also mark the precise word you on which you left off. Just adjust the placement and metal tab to indicate the right part. Made from stretchy elastic fabric in a variety of funky colors, they can adapt to any size book and give it a cool suspenders-esque look!

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