Interview with Piero Quintiliani in the AD, Architectural Digest magazine.

International magazine of furniture, design, architecture. No. 365, October 2011.

Objects are media vehicles: we need to understand where they are taking us and how they do it. The acronym PQ stands for Piero Quintiliani, who says of his being a designer: “my work stems from the need to reinvent the objects that surround us, to improve them, make them more comfortable and more interesting. The designer is as a reporter always careful to pick up the changes and to understand the evolutions of taste, to then express something concrete. Those who do this job must have anthropological sensitivity and the ability to observe society: grasping cultural changes also means adopting an always different point of view. Objects are vehicles of information: visual, tactile and cultural. I am interested in the quality of this information and its perception. I think of my projects, leaving aside the patterns, the rules. For me, a product is truly original when it is nonconformist..