Case History – Households

Electrical radiator with dryer.

The soufflerie drying rack is mainly intended for the North European and American market, it is a bathroom radiator equipped with an adjustable fan that emits hot air both to heat the room and to dry the laundry that can be hung on the top of the product.

Trend analysis

We have interpreted the potential trends to understand together with the customer in which direction the design of the home furnishings was moving. The analysis helped us in the creative phase and in innovative solutions that at the same time turned out to be attractive for the modern consumer.


Among the 3 different different design solutions / strategies and proposals the company selects the one that was most successful in sales force and in preliminary tests with consumers.


We have worked with the customer’s technical department following all the product development and engineering phases and working on the preparation of the executive files for mass production.


The client asked us to design the interface of the product to be user friendly and easy to use. We made an ergonomic analysis to give the best solution compatible with the design and the engineering.

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