Business developer in Pq Design Group.

PQ Design Group is an award-winning industrial design company that has been active since 2009, providing industrial design consultancy and new product development.

PQ Design Group guides startups and big brands towards innovation.

We welcome international talent to join us in a positive and open environment where curiosity, experimentation, cultural transversality and collaboration are promoted. Our designers and engineers value humour, positivity and community as much as performance and results.

Working at Pq means acquiring the power to leave your mark on every project.

Business Developer Position

We are looking for a business developer with talent and a collaborative spirit. Above all, we want someone enthusiastic about bringing new design projects to life in new geographical areas.

List of necessary skills

You believe in making the impossible possible.
Believe in the power of collaboration.
You like challenges.


Experience in selling services in the B2B environment
Expertise in internationalisation
Experience in selling services in the foreign market
Expertise in foreign languages
​​Experience in managing complex projects

For the business developer figure, we offer remote working conditions


Commercial spirit
Ability to create a client portfolio
Relationship skills
Passion for the world of design and industry

Does all this excite you? We can’t wait to meet you!

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