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With career that has spanned over a decade since he began in 2002, the founder Piero Quintiliani continues to spearhead Pq Design Studio to success. As such, he is more than equipped to handle the entire designing and manufacturing process with remarkable expertise. He, along with the rest of the team at Pq Design Studio is the backbone that makes this company a true “Class Act!” Our team offers dynamic solutions that cater to each customer’s needs. We are proud to say that we have delivered state of the art designs for up to 80 global customers. Be it a start-up firm or a global enterprise, Pq Designs Studio always delivers on time and offers flexible and truly satisfactory service that all of our customers enjoy

We are based in Pisa and Milano and we also hold a representative office in Asia.

Why choose us

We create value

Our goal is to to reach the consumers through successful products that make value for our customers.

Turnkey projects

From idea to production and packaging. A turnkey project with a preliminar cost analisys and time delivery. Read more


We know the importance of product launch. For this we deliver your product on time and on budget, following your request.

Customer oriented

We meet the needs of the customer to fully satisfaction and to establish relationships with him that last over time.

Form follows strategy

In order to achieve the success of a product, it’s not enough to focus only on the product itself. It’s also necessary to strengthen the company’s image through an overall vision.

Your reference

Piero Quintiliani

Design director

Always design-oriented he began his training in the workshops of jewelery and metal art. He studied Industrial Design at Isia (Institute for Higher Art Industries) where hi graduated with full marks with the project Mandibola – motorcycle helmets – that win the design award Adi Design Index 2004 of the young designers category. In 2002, he initiated a number of important collaborations with different design companies  which allowed him to create and develop products of brands such as Addex design, Bomtempi, Dupont, Oregon Scientific, Tim, Telecom Italia. Among these, Kamilla – digital alarm clock for children produced by Oregon Scientific – he win the Adi Design Index 2002 and attended the prestigious Adi Golden Compass awards. Upon that period a new era of experience commences,

he acquires technical expertise in project development,  taking care personally of the engineering and product industrialization. Parallel to activities as product designer consultant, Quintiliani has taught product design, materials technology and design modelling at the Istituto Italiano Design in Perugiaand at the Prima Facoltà di Architettura Ludovico Quaroni University of Rome.

He is currently working as design director with his team to support companies that operate in different market sectors  like car and motorcycle accessories, furnitures, beauty e fitness, domestic, consumer, medical, industry, toy, branding, collaborating with them for all aspects concerning the creation and development of new products and their communication.

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Senior designer

Customer and experts love us


It’s the most beautiful meditation device I have seen. It’s my honor working with you.

Co founder


The product that Pq design designed for our company is valued in our market. Personally I think that it’s a masterpiece. 

Giuseppe D’Aversa


Piero demostrates a strong experience and knowledge in the wearable technology.   He has fully satisfed our requests.

Max Garuzzo
CEOEOCEO Mybringer


Great products spring from shared projects, where each involved partner is responsive, careful, and focused on the targets of budget, timing and quality of the final outcome. Pq design studio is this precious kind of partner…

Davide Garofalo
Founder & CEOOCEO Mybringer

Yanko design

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