In our brand design agency we combine strategy and design to create unique branding projects. We choose the right name, design effective logos, identify the visual language that best enhances your communication to distinguish from competitors and to be the first in your consumers mind.


Logo – Photography and video – Illustration – Iconography – Data visualization  – Web sites – Exhibition booth design – Catalogs and brochures – Packaging

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We will work with you to develop, position and manage your brand and handle how your image is perceived by your target audience. We will help you to connect the visual image and the message of your brand with the emotions of your consumers, guaranteeing an optimal experience for the customer and the long-term success of the strategy.

In Pq we are convinced that the identity of your brand remains in the hearts and memories of the public to which it is destined, through a coherent, contemporary and fascinating brand design. A logo, a name and a palette of colors alone do not create a brand identity. When we design your brand identity, we create a complete visual language that can be applied to everything from the website to the packaging.
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Brand vision

The vision of your brand is the story of your business that outlines where you come from and where you want to go. It involves asking the following questions: What is your business about? How do you help people? What goals you are trying to achieve and how will you get them.

Reference market

The market you serve in your specialist sector along with what differentiates your business and your brand from others. Get a detailed understanding of this is very important to identify, follow, analyze and track your main competitors.


Although for many brands this can be simple, for others it is a complex task, required as part of an audit for further analysis and market positioning. A company can have products that span multiple markets and, for this reason, defining products by brand is generally the best approach.

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The culture of your company is defined by practices and beliefs that are usually expressed in a set of values. Understanding these values is important as they can form an intrinsic element of the personality or tone of your brand communicated on the market for your customers.


Your brand is defined by your customers as it is the experience that comes to mind associated with your product, service or organization. There is a perpetual necessity to maintain a clear understanding of your customers’ evolving needs to stay updated and relevant.


Just as it is necessary to understand and define one’s brand, it is necessary to know all the possible details about the competitors to position the brand in preparation for strategic and tactical marketing activities.

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Brand positioning is the process of putting the brand in the minds of your customers with predetermined values and differentiation. Determining your current market position will provide you with valuable information on where to go in developing your branding and planning strategy.

Content strategies

The definition of a content strategy in the early stages of the branding design process will help guide the best decisions and close-knit communications. The content strategy should include goals along with what information is needed to guide your strategic marketing decisions. It is necessary to define clear aims that are in line with the target audience, the client’s path, the channels and the brand messages.


Deciding the name of a brand can be a difficult task and, to do it well, it is useful to have a well-defined story. This requires a solid preparation and the work to achieve this is organized step by step within the brand management process. Essentially, your brand name is your story distilled in its shortest form. It must be able to attract people’s attention, be timeless, tireless, easy to say and remember and facilitate brand extensions, a motto and a slogan.

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