Frequently asked
questions and answers
from our customers



What services can you provide to our company?

Pq design studio offers services related to the creation and development of new products produced industrially. Specifically, it supports companies in terms of creativity, development and production of new products. In addition to this we are able to support companies also for what concerns the certification, the creation of software and hardware specific to the product.

Have you ever worked in our sector?

Our customers come from different product areas and markets. Pq design studio is a studio specializing in the creation and development of the product and has experience in different types of products: medical and beauty equipment, furniture, appliances, toys, smart devices, equipment for work and leisure, etc. Our strength is precisely the transversality, thanks to which we offer a new look at the business of our customers. We are always interested and curious to discover and seriously manage projects in new sectors.

Which method and / or design process do you use?

In principle there is no method / process valid for all contexts. Some products prefer activities that may otherwise be useless in others. We can say that a project is developed through the following operational phases: the project is generally divided into two main STEPs articulated by the following operational phases:

STEP 1: Research and Design

– Brefing with the client
– Market and / or trend analysis
– Preliminary design
– Final design
– Color, Materials and Graphics (CMG)
– Mockup

STEP 2: Design Development

– Mechanical design
– Functional Prototype
– Optimizations and final review
– Pre-serie
– Assistance to start production

Do you work for startups / SMEs / large companies?

We work for companies of all sizes. 

Large companies hire us as design experts to explore and enhance the potential in terms of innovation, creativity, process optimization, etc. We often become the reference of the departments of marketing, research and development, design, technical office, etc. 

SMEs and startups generally charge us to follow the whole process of product development. From the definition of the strategy to the realization of the production. 

What costs and times for a consulting?

We are convinced that our contribution should not be considered only as a cost but rather as an investment. Our goal is to enhance the customer’s product through our ideas and our experience. The cost of a consultancy depending on the type of request: the projects require a number of different working hours depending on the complexity and type of service required. We calculate the cost of consulting based on the number of hours needed to complete the project, including optimizations, meetings, trips, etc. Ours is not a large studio and is consequently a dynamic and light structure: our rates are accessible with an excellent quality / price ratio. The timing is directly proportional to the complexity. On average, the entire process of developing a product can vary from 2 to 9 months. If you need a quote send an email to info@pqdesign.com you will be contacted by one of our managers to better frame the request and make a detailed estimate in the 48 hour.

Do you work with royalties fee?

Generally we provide our consultancy with a fixed price. The cost is established according to the number of working hours. With a limited number of customers we work on the basis of royalties compensation but they are generally customers we have been working for years. 

How is your team?

Our team consists of a diverse group of professionals: market experts, designers, engineers, graphic designers, photographers, etc. The team is made time to time according to the request and needs of the customer and is managed by the design director who have relationships with the customer. Indicatively, a project team consists of:

-1 design director
-2/5 industrial designers
-1/3 design engineers
-1/2 electronic engineer
-1/2 graphic designer and designer UI
-1 expert still life photographer
-1 web developer

Need more information?

For any questions or concerns please contact us!
info@pqdesign.com or call us +39 0287165648