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Product design: a selection of our works


As an engineering and product design studio we design new products by improving the perceived quality of the product and working on both creativity and performance. Here you can view some of our industrial product design works and more, a selection of projects curated by our product design experts leads by founder Piero Quintiliani.

Our product design agency PQ Design Group specialises in creating innovative products that improve people’s lives and support professionals in their everyday work. With extensive experience in the field, we are able to work on projects of all sizes and complexities, and guarantee a high quality finished product.

As a product design studio, we focus on innovation, functionality and style to offer unique and customised solutions to our customers. The PQ Design Group team consists of product designers, mechanical and electronic engineers, graphic designers and UX/UI designers, who work together to create innovative and high-performance products. We offer a turnkey service that accompanies the client from idea to production, as well as specific consultancy according to their needs.

Our portfolio page presents some of our most successful and innovative designs. From design products for everyday life to components for industry, each product is designed with attention to detail and design and from the real experiences and needs of consumers and professionals. We design medical devices, scientific instruments, wearable devices, professional tools, interfaces, toys and much more.

We are proud to have been chosen by prestigious clients, both national and international, and to have the opportunity to participate in the creation of innovative product design solutions.



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