Defining a design strategy in collaboration with the customer is fundamental to define an effective design direction.

The strategic design of a product is more than style because it encompasses evolution and innovation, benefits for the user, as well as design, technique, performance, build quality, marketing and its strategic implications for the company.



Market and competitors analysis

We work closely with the customer’s marketing department to get to know in depth all the dynamics of the market in which we operate: leadership, positioning, competitors, strengths and weaknesses of direct and indirect competitors. Knowing the company’s positioning on the market allows us to better identify the consumer.


Brand analysis – Market & competitors analysis – Product positioning


Focus on the user

At Pq design studio we always begin the design path from the end. That means that we start with the consumer because we are convinced that the way people interact with products is of fundamental importance.  Observing, studying and creating focus groups with users is a crucial part of the project strategy, it helps to understand what consumers like about a product and what is also unpleasant. During the design process we test ideas and solutions directly on the users through functional prototypes: thanks to this method we obtain important feedback that serves to improve the product before launching it on the market.


UCD, User Centered Design – Focus group – Target analysis – Personas definition 


Trend analysis

The search for trends is another important topic that is useful to frame the strategy and to provide effective tools for the success of the product on the market. Trends are widespread feelings among users, interpreted correctly serve to achieve a direction of style. Thanks to visual tools we are able to define a conceptual mood board with the client that will help the design team to direct efforts towards the desired direction. Thanks to this method and it is possible to respect the presumed timing for the launch of the product on the market.


Trends analysis – Moodboards – Style definition 

Performance analysis

When we start a new project we always put ourselves in the shoes of the consumer, the products manage to create bonds of trust with consumers only when they are reliable over time and work perfectly, better than all the others. Analyzing the performance of a product serves to develop a strategy that aims to exceed the performance of competing products. We perform in-depth research on behalf of the client even in patents to obtain a strong strategy in the field of function.


Performance analysis – Ergonomics studies 


The product is brand

Understanding and interpreting the visual language that characterizes a company’s communication is equally important because it serves to create the semantic link between the company, the brand and the product. From this point of view we are very careful that the product becomes a distinctive brand that the company can marry and use to establish long-lasting relationships with its consumers.

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