Kiber, backpack design 

Kiber | bag for AR wearable

Backpack for wearable augmented reality devices

Design and implementation of a backpack container for augmented reality products for Vr Media, a spin-off company of the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna that designs and markets Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality systems and solutions for large industrial groups such as ENEL, GE, FINMECCANICA, and FCA.

The company decided to design a new carrying case for its kit called Kiber 3 consisting of a helmet, battery headset and augmented reality device. With this idea, it came from Pq design group for our industrial design services. The backpack we designed for Vr media has a series of components that can be housed in it.

The clients were looking for solutions that would provide not only a container backpack that could enhance the contents but also corporate brand identity and a quality product. We followed the customer through all stages of design and testing to mass production.

The goals we achieved together with the client:

– container bag that evokes brand identity
– hi-tech fabrics
– adjustable and versatile
– content protection
– with pockets and accessories

A design of a backpack for carrying augmented reality devices, including not only the design but also the production equipment and manufacturing of the finished product. The market for augmented reality devices is growing, and many startups are investing in this particular market sector. Market research indicates that the sector is growing at an average rate of 65 percent per year according to “Research and Markets.”
Pq design group is very active in helping companies and/or startups successfully develop augmented reality products and their accessories.

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