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Zurich | Industrial product design of a smart device 

Industrial design of a security smart home kit


Design of a set of home security devices for Zurich, a Swiss insurance company. Zurich commissions us to design a security kit consisting of router, sensors, camera and remote control. The kit is installed inside the homes of subscribers to ensure 360 ​​degree protection. Zurich chose us because it was looking for an agile and dynamic industrial design studio like ours, capable of proposing sophisticated design solutions but at the same time well supported by an analysis and benchmarking with the main players of devices for the security. Zurich was looking for a reliable partner able to guide them in the ecosystem of smart home management devices through domotics, technology and design.

The goals we achieved together with the client:
– analysis of industry trends
– concept design definition
– benchmarking
– definition of the CMG (Color Material Graphic)
– brand identity enhancement on the product

A design of a security device to enhance the company’s brand identity. Colors, finishes, materials, lighting and graphics applied to the product that speak the same visual language as the brand.

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