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Ab zero | The smart device for the transport of blood

Design and development of a smart medical capsule designed specifically for the transport of blood, organs and other medical products by drone.




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ABzero is an innovative spin-off of BioRobotica Institute of the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna and has created an intelligent capsule for the delivery by drone of blood, organs, medicine, swabs and other medical products. This innovative system provides medical staff to use technology in a simple and immediate way in compliance with regulations, ensuring the quality of the goods transported through automatic and safe delivery. The idea stems from the need to have a more efficient, faster and inexpensive system that guarantees the delivery of biological material, both safely and in compliance with relevant regulations.
The solution consists of a specifically designed capsule, unique worldwide, that is attached to the drone and is transported to its destination via an APP, while maintaining the integrity and quality of the material being transported.
The system is automatic and the operator can manage and monitor the capsule’s internal temperature, flight parameters and authorizations directly from the APP. Thanks to this innovation, transporting times for blood, organs, swabs and the like, are reduced by roughly 80%.


The electronic components are integrated in the main case, made of padded foam material, and offers the advantages of having a robust structure which is both light and insulated. Internally, the capsule is coated with an Aerogel layer that not only isolates but also protects the biological content being transported. The capsule is attached to the drone via a plate that has an electro-mechanical system. The same technology was used for the closure of the tailgate: in this way, the operator can check the hitching/unhitching status to the drone and opening/closing of the tailgate via the APP. The integrated display provides essential flight information, while the double handle, which is integrated onto the structure, allows for a comfortable grip of the capsule during the hitching/unhitching and transporting phase by healthcare professionals.

Our industrial design agency supported the innovative start-up in the definition and development of the capsule, including integration with electronics and drone.

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Ab Zero
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