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INOS | Design winning electromedical equipment

Design of an innovative electromedical equipment developed for Hairfree, an important German brand for permanent hair removal.


UI Design


INOS® is a product with a winning design because it receives an important award for industrial design, an electromedical equipped with a special technology developed by our client Hairfree for permanent hair removal. The abbreviation INOS® stands for Intelligent Optical Sapphire and refers to a cutting-edge photographic hair removal process based on the tried and tested pulsed light technology, IPL (Intense Pulse Light).
The modern and hi-tech design project wins an ambitious international design award, the German Product Design Award!

The jury rewards the design and mechanical development work of the project carried out by our Italian industrial design agency Pq with the following words: “With its modern and clear aesthetic, the device recalls high-tech medical devices and promises permanent hair removal. The treatment is performed comfortably through a double “gun” with an ergonomic and intuitive design. The elegant design reflects the brand’s contemporary and technological ambitions. “

Intuitive software with a user interface (UI design) particularly focused on performance. The operator manages all the setups from a single screen. A 360° consultancy able to enhance the product and  improve the final user experience (UX design).

Electromedical with a modern design and extreme performance that well conveys the idea of high quality and “made in Germany” of a company, the Hairfree, at the forefront in the medical aesthetic sector of a permanent hair removal.