Gravito, unspillable cup holder

Gravito | Cup holder

It is based on the principles of physics, always keep liquids safe on the tray.






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Gravito is a tray for carrying cups and glasses without the possibility of tipping their contents. The minimalist design takes advantage of the laws of physics and the principles of dynamics. Gravito can swing or even rotate in all directions without dropping a drop. This particular tray can hold a beverage without wasting it.

It is designed to meet the needs of users in special contexts such as carrying their drink on a boat, on the stairs, or more simply in the garden. It is also a very useful accessory for the elderly and people who suffer from tremors.

For the Gravito anti-tipping tray project, our industrial design firm collaborated with the startup on several aspects of the industrial product: our product design firm provides the client with a turnkey project that includes industrial design, packaging design, product naming, and product visual identity. The result is a complete design ready for mass production that the client used to carry out the Kickstarter campaign. Gravito is made in a variety of colors. The product and its packaging are designed to optimize shipping. This design was created for Gravitolab, a new startup that will soon begin marketing the Gravito cup holder in the international market.

Gravito mug holder orange
Gravito mug holder green
Gravito mug holder blue
Gravito mug holder parts
Gravito mug holder blue glass
Gravito mug holder detail blue
Gravito animation
Gravito mug holder orange
Gravito mold