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Nido | Hospital newborn baby crib

Innovative baby crib project industrial design for infant




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Nido is a an innovative hospital newborn baby crib industrial design to carry infants within the healthcare facility. Unlike the normal neonatal cradles on the market, Nido is equipped with a revolving cover openable with one hand. This cover has two functions: the first one is to protect the baby during displacements, the other one is to hold the accessories in the delivery room and/or in the nursery. Made of tubular aluminum and PET thermoformed, Nido has been optimized to minimize the overall dimensions in shipments.

Ginevri is a company that produces medical equipment for the neonatal sector. For years, our design and product development company has supported Ginevri in the development and research of innovative products that meet the needs of the scientific community. We have worked with Ginevri designing for them: baby incubators, transport incubators, phototherapy lamps, bilirubinometer.