Packaging design

Dvd Gift Box special package edition

Packaging design and development of a special gift box for DVD for Warner Bross.

Warner Bros



Category: Packaging | Stationery

Warner Bros asked to several design  agencies to develop creative solutions to increase the movie value through its DVD box. The reference user target for this product is an occasional buyers that generally buy movies to gift during particular holidays. Our idea has been selected and launched from WB during Christmas 2018 at the Mondadori and Feltrinelli stores. 

It is a ready-to-assemble gift pack that is folded on the back of the DVD. It is made by the main cardboard box for the DVD that have a blanket space to write a dedication and a special cardboard bow. A fresh and new box that can be attached to any DVD and assembled in just few seconds.

The gift box is made by the main eye-catching red pack, textured by the Warner Bros logo, and a special metal finish paper bow that stands out. The two parts can be folded following the easy to understand iconographic instructions and don’t require any additional material.  Users can write a dedication on the white area on the back of the box. 

Clear and easy instructions printed on the hidden part of the bow help the users in the build-up of the piece.