Knives industrial design

Kitchenware design

Professional kitchen knives design for cooking lovers. 

A unique silhouette in the kitchen knives industry, this product design project of a set of kitchen knives has a powerful and recognizable design.

Designed for Shenda, one of the largest Asian brand in China it’s a¬†professional kitchen knives design. The customer request was to get a particular and sophisticated aesthetics for a new and esclusive set of kitchen knives design for professional cooks.

To face the asian market we decided to study some aspects of the Asian culture, and we found interesting cues the concept of balance and its relative auspicious rules.

Sinuous, ergonomic and with a unique silhouette in the industry, almost like a brand, this design project of a set of kitchen knives has a powerful and very recognizable design.


The result is a knives set in which the volumes interpenetrate, creating strong-identity signs that plays with equilibrium and balance, both on visible and volumetric level. The fulcrum of the weight is located in an empty space, giving an ethereality and light feeling to the knife. An additional and unique extension of the handle provides a safer grip when holding the knife.

The manufacturing technology used for the handle is the plastic over-molding injection. Particular solutions have been provided to guarantee a strong and durable joint between the handle and the metal core.

knife kitchen copper design
chef knife product design

The central hole with a strong character was designed to lighten the product, to provide a possible point to hang the knife, and to reinforce the identity and aesthetics of the product.

knife ergonomics design
knife top design