Kitchen appliance product design

Compact design and save-spacing kitchen scale

Concept design of a kitchen appliance developed for Joycare brand.




Category: Consumer goods

This is a compact design kitchen scale. The body with an LCD screen is made of brushed aluminum, while the container/cover is made of SAN. For this industrial design project of a product appliance for the kitchen, our product design company collaborated with Joycare Spa to design and develop a particular electronic kitchen scale. In Pq design group we usually work with startups, small businesses or large companies that need to develop new ideas for the kitchen sector. Whether it’s a food preparation kitchen device, kitchen tool, kitchen gadgets, baking accessories or kitchen product projects, we have the experience and expertise in developing new innovations in the kitchen.


Our structure is organized provides engineering and mechanical design and industrial design for kitchen products or utensils with attention to the cleanliness and robustness of the devices.

We design kitchen utensils with and without electronics.

The design of kitchen products requires in-depth research to understand what end users want and a lot of marketing experience to innovate in a market where there are already so many products on the market.

The above project represents just one example among the kitchen appliance projects that we have developed in Pq design group.