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The design of the product that enhances the brand

Elitech, a worldwide distributor of in vitro diagnostic equipments and reagents, decides to collaborate with our industrial design studio for the design of the new laboratory instruments design, a medical equipment for Molecular Biology laboratories named BeGenius®.

Elitech is an Italian company that produces and distributes diagnostic products for clinical chemistry, microbiology and molecular biology through a distribution network that includes more than 200 countries.

BeGenius is a new generation of scientific instruments conceived and designed to be smart, easy to use and extremely powerful.

A style with a strong identity that focuses on ease of use

Pq design has managed to give the medical instruments design character and personality respecting and enhancing the brand feeling of the company. The colors used – the bench and the green – reinforce the message and make it even more coherent. Great attention has been paid to how to use the machine to ensure a simple and intuitive work process, an experience that can make the user’s operations comfortable and safe. The opening has been designed to give great accessibility and space of maneuver. In addition, all the movements in the working area such as the insertion of cassettes and consumables, the touch screen and the cartridges are convenient to reach. In addition to the originality of the design, the project complies with a whole series of regulations and requirements that have guided the design team throughout the process of conception and development of design solutions.

Pq has been able to grasp our thinking by transforming it into a modern design suitable for our solution. For this reason, we continue to choose them for our projects.”

Francesco GORRETA, Vice President – Molecular R&D
ELITechGroup S.p.A.