Vending machine for beauty design

Color Maker | Industrial design of a new vending machine

Developing an innovative equipment for beauty salon to have the right hair color a hand.

Color Maker



Color Maker is a new vending machine industrial design project, an automatic hair color tintometer designed for hair salons. The system enables the hairdressers, barbers, etc. The vending machine allows the hairdresser and the customer to choose the color of the tint through a larga 15-inch touchscreen. Each color is identified by a code and the result is extremely preecise thanks to the mixing of 10 different color shades and hydrogen peroxide. The color is dispensed by the machine automatically. 

For the project of the automatic hair dye dispenser we collaborated with the client on different areas / themes: our product design company provide the client turnkey project that include the industrial design, electronics and software interface design and all drawings for mass production. The result is a full and functional prototypes that the customer used to make tests. The automatic hair color dispenser is made of various materials: rigid plastic (ABS), aluminum. The project was created for an innovative startup that will soon begin marketing the device on the Italian and international market.