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Wearable smart device designed for women safety

Security watch



Winlet is a project that we followed for the Italian startup Security Watch born from the meeting of security, surveillance and digital technology experts. The idea behind the collaboration with our industrial design agency was to design and bring to the market a wearable device equipped with a deterrent alarm siren for the attacker. We worked with the team of electronic and sound engineers to design and fine-tune the device with the aim of designing a discreet, elegant and ultra-feminine device.

The problem

“One in three women in the world suffers physical or sexual violence, mostly by an intimate partner” UN Women 

A women’s safety device should be a device that can adapt well to the different needs of each of them. Analyzing our reference user, we realized that it was necessary to design a device capable of responding adequately to different lifestyles. We have created a versatile product that is well suited to different contexts and types of people.


User map

17 years old Student

I would like a product that make me feel secure while I’m doing my evening sport sessions, a product easy to wear in all condiction.

25 years old Saleswoman

I like so much to go out with my friends, but coming back home by myself is quite dan- gerous in my city. I would like a product that can discouraged ill-intentioned people.

35 years old Strategy manager

Often I find myself walking around alone in the city. I went through unfortunate situa- tions too much times. That is why I would like an object for my safety, that can make me feel peaceful.


Every aspect related to the use of the device was considered, first of all we analyzed the situations and moods in which our user would have found herself using it. From this reflection we have opted for a system of enabling the request for help accessible even in panic conditions. The button that activates the alarm siren and the call to the control unit is almost as large as the entire device, and is therefore extremely accessible even in panic conditions. The device is also equipped with two accessories that make it versatile: the first is a hook that we have designed to give the user the possibility to hang it on their key ring or necklace / bracelet. The second is a protective hood that allows you to carry the device inside a bag without running the risk of activating it by mistake.