A long history of results

Throughout our career, we have designed and collaborated on developing successful industrial products for global brands and promising startups.

Some examples:

Kippy, Pet device

The device was presented on the market for the first time at the CES 2023 in Las Vegas.

Among the results obtained:

– Strong connection between brand and product
– Extremely light and indestructible device
Proprietary quick release system
IP 68 certification strong>
– Optimized assembly

pet device industrial product design

Flowtime, Consumer electronics

Meditation headset launched on the market with a crowdfunding campaign by the customer.

The investment goal on Kickstarter was reached in just 9 hours and raised 4 times the requested amount.

For this project, we did in-depth benchmarking analyses and carefully analysed user expectations.

headset wearable industrial product design

Etna, Industrial machines

The industrial machinery sector is investing heavily in industrial design as the benefits are evident to all.

For Eda Industrie, we dared to introduce an unusual material for the industrial machinery sector: Corian.

Thanks to Corian, we managed to give a feeling of high technology to the product while respecting the customer’s objectives.

industrial equipment machine industrial product design

Inos, Beauty equipment

The client is a well-known German brand called Hairfree. In 2018, he decided to renew his machinery for aesthetic medicine treatments and relied on our agency to create the new line of Hairfree equipment.

The project received a prestigious design award, the German Design Award 2020.

medical device award winner

Runimalz, Toy design

505 Games and the startup Xplored decide to launch a new hybrid game on the market. For this project, we brought many of our skills into play: ergonomic and usability analyses, optimisation of production costs, supplier management, etc.

Runimalz was a success as it sold over 60k units at Gamestop stores.

toys design product industrial project consultancy

Lm, Furnishings for hospitals

Thanks to an in-depth benchmarking process, the weak points were identified and strengthened to guarantee a competitive positioning aligned with the market leader.

During the product development phase we reduced production costs and assembly times by approximately 40%.


medical device for hospital industrial product design

Seremy, Smartwatch

For Seremy, the customer opted for a turnkey service: from design to production. We produce the product on behalf of the customer at our trusted partners.

Seremy wins the BigSEE Design Award 2020.

toys design product industrial project consultancy

Telier, Vending machine

Telier is an innovative startup; with us, it has patented an automatic system that creates hair colours without the possibility of error and with extreme speed.

The project involved a team of designers and electronic engineers who together found unique solutions to give light to this innovative idea.


color maker vending machine industrial product design

Delta Calor, Supplies

Deltacalor is a company in the province of Lecco that exports its products to Europe and the USA. In 2015 they asked us to renew the design of one of their flagship products, the electric dryer.

Thanks to its clean, minimal but not too much design, it manages to stay at the top of the sales charts in all the countries that appreciate Italian design and its approach.

forniture industrial design heater

Zurich, Smart devices for home

Zurich tasks us with imagining the design of its new home security kit that it plans to launch in select markets.

He needed an efficient and timely partner to deliver proposals for an important corporate event on time. For this reason, he chose our small but dynamic reality.


smart device for home industrial product design

Our customers

Find out what they say about us


Italian Design Company that develops Industry-Leading Products


We design perfection

We combine transversal skills and originality with a good dose of pragmatism.

The user at the centre

We explore consumer needs to design products that people recognise themselves in. We are trend hunters.


In design, as in life, unity is strength. PQ is a team of professionals united by a single objective: to respond to your needs.

Lean is more

With lean management, we avoid waste in processes and focus only on those activities that bring real value to those who rely on us.

Emotional Design and Lean Design, two winning methodologies.

Emotional Design creates deep relationships with the user, our Lean-Design® Method creates value for the customer

Emotional design is at the heart of our approach and serves as a guiding principle that puts people and consumers first, helping us find the right balance between design and user expectations.

Another methodology that we have refined over 20 years of activity is what we have defined as “Lean Design”. In essence, it is a LEAN approach applied to design, which allows us to focus on activities that create value for our customers by eliminating wasteful and unnecessary practices.

Our human-centered product design methodology includes seven key steps, starting with analysis and research.

During the research phase of industrial design projects, we conduct in-depth customer research, benchmarking and analyze competitors. In the next phase, we consolidate our research on competitive maps, user interviews and usability analyses. From this information we identify, define and anticipate the specific requirements that a product should satisfy.

Each product is intended for a specific target audience for this reason it is important for us to identify the main points of interest that will engage the specific target audience. At the end of this analysis and research process we create a sort of identikit of the product.

Research / Analyses


-Etnographic reserach


-Competitor analisys

-User interviews

-Trend analysis



Industrial Design Service

Below, you can delve deeper and learn more about the design process that we use to drive innovation. It is a proven process with years of experience and success, thanks to which I have perfected and improved it over time to minimise risks and guarantee customer success.

The industrial design process that we use in Pq Design Group always starts from an idea generated thanks to reflections and brainstorming between designers, engineers and marketing experts. Designers have the task of transforming the strategic points that will serve to obtain a successful product into tangible ideas.

Sometimes strategic inputs suggest technological challenges to the design team that require design effort. Designers and engineers come together to find the technological solutions and feasibility necessary to realize the innovative idea. The hypotheses are tested and then implemented thanks to the involvement of our production partners.

Industrial Design Services

Design preliminare concettuale

Color Material Finish (CMF)

Test erogonomici 

Progettazione 3d funzionale


Materiali e tecnologie di produzione

Packaging design

Design sostenibile

Design e Ingegneria di prodotto

Integrazione con l’elettronica

DFM (Design for manifacturing)

Prototipazione rapida

user centric concept design
h3>User-Centric Approach

We apply user-centric principles to industrial design to improve design outcomes. Understanding the target is of fundamental importance, so we carefully analyse all the information on the target and the reference market. In this phase of work, user interviews and ethnographic research are often used to identify the salient points.


Concept Design

When we create a preliminary design, we always use 3D CAD modelling software as thanks to them, it is possible to immediately check the project specifications such as ergonomic, dimensional, integration with mechanical and electronic parts, etc.

Using 3D modelling, designers interact with engineers and immediately analyse the feasibility of the ideas and any production costs.

UX / UI design

User experience (UX) design and user interface (UI) design are essential components of our approach. We manage how people interact with products through design. In this way, we design products that are easy to use and safe and generate satisfaction in the end user. Our products are user-friendly because we apply human-centred design principles in all design phases.

Rapid prototyping

Rapid prototyping is an effective technology for quickly verifying the quality of a project. Once a rapid prototype has been created, we can collect feedback and implement the project. Thanks to rapid prototyping, we can improve the project from a user point of view to improve functionality and technical and production aspects.

We specialize in industrial prototyping. We use 3D printers, CNC machines and laser cutters to create realistic prototypes. We have machinery and a prototyping laboratory. Our designers and engineers can immediately test hypotheses.

ux ui industrial product design
industrial design manufacturing and pre serie

Protection of intellectual property

Patenting the technology of a new device or, more simply, registering and protecting the external design is essential to creating value for our customers. We collaborate with a network of law firms specialising in specialist legal services relating to trademarks, patents, designs, and know-how to help our clients with everything related to intellectual property protection. Our clients receive assistance from professional patent partners in drafting effective and complete claims based on the invention and characterisation data.



Once the tests are completed, which are generally carried out both on prototypes and on a specific pre-series, the product is ready to move on to the industrial production phase. We use a series of specialised partners located in different areas of the world. We have partners with whom we produce plastic parts, metal and sheet metal parts, wood and other materials. We produce electronic components and packaging and take care of the assembly for our customers.

Multisectorial Approach

Our approach spans many sectors. Our method is transversal.

Ours is a methodology that aims to respond concretely to the requests of a specific market and sector. Our method is successfully applied in different markets and product areas and can be divided into four main phases:


We design innovative products by optimising performance, materials, price, packaging, communication and production costs.

We design the product from its interface, through the packaging and arriving at its identity and market positioning.

A “Turnkey” philosophy that starts from an idea and accompanies you until the product is launched on the market.

Every company needs a strategic partner to rely on: if you want to find out how our industrial design agency can become your trusted partner, scroll below to get in touch with us.

We will be happy to welcome your challenges and discuss together how we can help you realize your future projects.

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