Welding machine design

The project has been prized with the A Design Award, an international industrial design award. It is a welding machine designed for WTL, an important Asian brand. The product is compact and transportable thanks to a well balanced handle and an optional belt. The cable can be collected on the back of the product on a special system created ad hoc. Thanks to a clever and detailed design we have implemented safety, portability and general ergonomics of the product.

Market analysis

After a careful analysis of the market and international competitors, we choose with the customer the strategies and solutions for the correct positioning of the product on the reference market.


We present to the client several concepts with innovative design features that offer alternative solutions that the company chooses to follow to achieve their goals.


We develop the product paying great attention both to the general feeling and to the details and characteristics of uniqueness, such as the cable reel, the built in interface and the belt support.

Manufacturing assistance

We follow the customer in the production of manufacturing equipment and we choose together the technical solutions that best enhance the product design.

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