Hybrid toy

Runimalz, an interactive hybrid game, won the European Product Design Award, an international industrial design award, in the Toys section. The product can be used both as a controller for the related video game, and as a usual physical game. This innovative product is made in collaboration with Xplored, software house of the game, and 505 games, publisher of Digitalbros Group. We defined, developed the game board with the characters (creatures and totems) and followed the client up to the launch of the market.

Product strategy

An innovative product often has no direct competitors. We identify the indirect ones to strategically position the product on the market.


We create identity and value by respecting the constraints provided by the customer and enhancing the strengths of the product.

3D Development

With reverse engineering and 3D CAD modelling we transform the virtual animals protagonists of the video game into physical products, and we make them feasible in terms of production.

Mechanical design

We develop the 3D model to adapt all the electronic components in a slim and com- pact design. To find the best solutions, we maintain regular communications with the electronic engineering department.

Prototyping & testing

The prototype has confirmed the design and engineering choices, but it gave us also the possibility to enhance and optimize the product.

Prototyping & testing

We followed the project until its market launch. At the end of the project we follow the professional photo shooting to show the components and characters of the game.

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