Sapienza Design x Sparkling 2011
Street food design

text by Paolo D’Arrigo

The Industrial Design school of the University “Sapienza” of Rome, founded by Tonino Paris in 1994, is now a structured educational reality which complements the didactics with research and experimentation. In addition to three Degree courses – one Undergraduate Program and two Major Programs – the University offers a workshop area – Factory La Sapienza Design – which intends to provide new concepts and new artifacts in order to meet the requirements of the contemporary economic, productive and sociological scenery. In line whit this approach are the results of the interdisciplinary activity, developed by Atelier of Product Design 3 and Visual and Graphic Design 3 of the Industrial Design Program, on the topic of “Street Food”.

The teaching staff – composed by Paolo D’Arrigo, Francesco Paretti, Mauro Del Santo, Piero Quintiliani, Emanuele Cappelli, Tommaso Empler, Federico Mancini e Flavia Garzia – has leaded a group of 150 students in exploring the world of street food handling, developing 50 projects of new holders and food supports, each of them environmentally friendly