Case History – Households

Electrical radiator with air vents designed for Deltacalor.

Stendino soufflerie has been designed for the North European and North American market. It is a bath towel radiator equipped with an orientable fan that emits hot air both to heat the environment and to dry the laundry that can be hung on the product upper part. The project includes the study and the design of the interface, to easily incorporate the various radiator functions.

Trend analysis

We made a market analysis followed by a trend analysis to show the client in which direction similar design products were going.
This helped us to find innovative and appealing solutions. 


Solution and concepts have been evaluated for the air vents and user interface part.

3D Modelling

The design of the lower part of the product is non-invasive and fits perfectly the design of the radiator.


We cooperated with the company’s engineerers following their engineerization and helping in preparing the executive files.


The client asked us to design the interface of the product to be user friendly and easy to use. We made an ergonomic analysis to give the best solution compatible with the design and the engineering.

Household Portfolio