Case History – Interfaces
Climatic chamber interface designed for Wavemed.

This is a restyling of a climatic chamber interface, comprhensive of the software. A central ABS element gatered screen, electronics and the locking system of the door. The result is a strong identity product with a great performance. For the software interface we studied the architecture of functions and how the users interact with the product, to reduce mistakes risk and facilitate the interaction.


The locking and electronic block has been designed to give strong identity to the product, and enhance its value.

Contents analysis

Together with the client and users we grouped functions and the possible interactions with the software to organize contents.

Graphic guidelines

We designed the graphic guidelines to follow when designing the software interface, to have an organic and effective result. Graphic is also been studied to guarantee the lowest effort and facilitate workflow.

User testing

We made some simulations and tests to validate the software interface.


As additional value the climatic chamber can be controlled remotelly though dedicated tablet.

Interface design portfolio