Case History – Medicals

Modular medical equipment.

Modula is an innovative machine used for aesthetic medicine treatments. We designed and developed it for Wavemed, a leading Italian brand for the beauty sector for which we also took care of the entire brand and corporate communication strategy. In this case history is illustrated the 360-degree collaboration that led us to define together with the client the company logo, the website, the catalog, etc. respecting the company values.


After a good understanding with the customer and thanks to a careful analysis of the market and the competitors, we defined and proposed a winning product strategy: the possibility of having interchangeable technological modules that make the machinery versatile for the final consumer, that is the doctor and / or the beautician.

3D Modelling

Thanks to the 3D CAD design and verifications the project has been perfected. We have succeeded in materializing the initial objective through a recognizable and unique formal language: modularity and the idea of a revolutionary product.


In this phase we have evaluated and developed the most advanced and advantageous solutions in terms of the relationship between performance and production costs.


We followed the realization of production equipment (injection molds) made by our partner, a company that deals with mold making and production.


Modula is intuitive and simple to use thanks to its software interface of which we have taken care of design, ergonomics and architecture.


Modula is a 360° project because in addition to product design we have also taken care of communication by collaborating with the customer, identifying and creating marketing strategies.

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