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360° branding for Wavemed company.




Category: Branding

Medical is a very competitive sector where companies invest resources in marketing strategies. Among these, brand identity remains without doubt one of the most successful marketing strategy.

What we have done for Wavemed is to create a medical brand capable of standing out for the strength and expressive simplicity that represents it. The dynamism of the wave is effective because it conveys wisdom and innovation at the same time.

Wavemed is a young but strong twenty-years experience company, working in the beauty and aesthetic medicine as well as in physiotherapy. The company asked us to design the visual identity of the company. For Wavemed we created both the logo, its claim, the company catalog, in a strategic and comprehensive communication: photos, colors and the sign system, result in a corporate image that reflects youngness, dynamism, experience and a strong desire to innovate and to be in step with the times.

The logo concept starts from the image of the wave, in this case symbol of well-being that spreads and develops throught a sinuous and dynamic sign.

This is an informative brochure about Venus system. This small magazine gives information about the producer, the medical technology, explains how it works and the main features.

This folder contains all the main features and information about Venus modular system, together with the brochure. There is an information sheet for each treatment module of the system, including technical datas.