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Climatic chamber industrial design project

Environmental testing machine design for laboratory that increase accessibility for maintenance and simplify assembly




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An environmental chamber is a laboratory tool for carrying out various tests on products and or materials. Inside the chamber, the environmental conditions are controlled by introducing variations in temperature and humidity to simulate the behavior of the products we use every day, in the various climatic conditions in which they must be used during their life cycle. The climatic chamber is generally used for stress tests in the following sectors of: automotive, construction, special materials, aerospace, electronic components.

The main client request was to gather all the electronics components of the climatic chamber together in one place (below, behind or next to the main chamber). The aim was to find a solution to increase accessibility for maintenance and simplify assembly of the machine. The product comes with three main modules, with the electronic components on the chamber left side. Great attention has been given to the user interaction and ergonomics. The climatic chamber

The climate chamber is made by three main modules. The electronic components are gathered on the left side of the chamber, to simplify maintenance and assembly.