Trento | Non-conformist electric bike design

Project of a carbon fiber electric bike with an industrial design attentive to comfort. electric bike design




Electric bicycles are becoming increasingly popular for transportation. In designing a new model of electric bike we analyzed the benefits and problems of users who have already encountered this particular type of means of transport.

Among these, the idea of equipping the bike with two batteries that can guarantee maximum practicality and versatility.

Trento is presented at the 77th edition of the Eicma Fair with great success among professionals and non-professionals. It is an unconventional electric bike because its structure differs from a normal city bike with a battery-powered electric motor. Its particular design comes from a new idea of urban transport that takes the distances from its ancestors. Lastly, comfort was one of the main objectives that guided the whole project team.

 The carbon fiber frame is available in two matte variants: ivory white and anthracite gray. The customer can also choose to combine chromatically the frame with the main battery available in 4 glossy variants: black, lime, fire red and light blue.