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Dryer plus: innovative electric towel warmer 

This special radiator design have a special diffuser that can be tipped over square, turning it into a towel warmer and clothes horse




The innovative towel warmer allows a quick drying of your clothes and at the same time the heating of the bathroom. The air guide panel, adjustable in different positions, allows to direct the stream of hot air optimizing the drying of the clothes hung on the upper part of the product.

The project includes the study and the design of the interface, that easily incorporates the various radiator functions. 

Dryer plus has been designed for Deltacalor brand that sell the product on the North European and North American market.

radiator design bathroom

The project involved the redesign of the product interface.
The “Boost” button, activates a more widespread ventilation in the environment. Practicality without sacrificing energy saving: three settable programs allow to activate the towel warmer in the morning, evening or both ways.

electric radiator interface
radiator home product design
electric towel radiator design