Product design for exhibition

Geodesic domes design for art exhibition

Modular geodetic structures designed and developed for easy assembly and transport.

Italo Rota



Habitable geodetic structures developed on the concept of modularity to ensure easy assembly, installation and transport. Our industrial design agency collaborated on this installation curated by the architect Italo Rota projects on the topic of 60’s Design.┬áThe exhibition “La grande svolta anni 60” set up at the headquarters of the Palazzo della Ragione in Padua exhibits a painting of the sixties, intertwining visual arts, design and architecture, cinema, television, music, photography and fashion, in a fascinating exploration of the world of the art of the time..

We have dealt specifically with designing the geodetic structures envisaged in the exhibition curated by the Italo Rota studio. Each single structure is made up of about 30 modules made of thermoformed ABS. The modules have been designed to make the structure modular, self-supporting and easily transportable. We worked hard to optimize the assembly of the structures and to optimize the production costs that would have been prohibitive with different technologies.

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