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Tama: the warmth of a hug! 

Relief. Comfort. And why not, care. This is what we expect from a warm hug.

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Even the coldest winter can soften if you face it in the right way: Ozio presents Tama, the hand-warming mug, an object of daily use that can increase the pleasure of little breaks. Tama adds a warm hug for your hands to the comfort of a hot drink when the temperature drops.

Relief. Comfort. And why not, care. This is what we expect from a warm hug. And that’s what Tama can offer, thanks to a simple but brilliant idea. The ceramic mug is covered with a boiled wool lining which gently spreads the heat generated by the hot drink; a contrasting elastic band allows you to tuck your hands in contact with the warm lining and warm them without burning them.

The benefit of warm hands is added to that of a firm grip on the mug, thanks to the elastic band: the lining, therefore, performs a multiple functions, and thanks to the contrasting colors and the materials chosen, contributes to the aesthetic pleasantness of Tama. After all, this is Ozio’s philosophy: useful and pleasant objects, ideas to make the time dedicated to ourselves more enjoyable. To indulge in a little pleasure.

When everything is cold, a hot drink is a pleasure. Warm hands are a pleasure. Tama restores body and spirit with a simple gesture and Ozio has managed to enclose functionality, practicality and design in an everyday object that somehow represents us: our mug.

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Ideal for those sensitive to cold or for those who want to give the enveloping warmth of a hug.

Tama is on sale in selected stores, concept stores and online on the official website

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