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Wooden incense holder with ashes hiding system

Design of an unique incense holder made of a wooden base and aluminium cover




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The project presented on this page was developed by our design agency in a collaboration that lasted several years – and which produced various products for the diffusion of perfumed essences – with the Italian company Himalaya which distributes the incense sticks of the famous Maroma brand that produces organic essential oils in Auroville (India) “experimental” city, or rather an “intentional community” based on the vision of Sri Aurobindo. The product is designed to collect the ashes of incense sticks inside it. Maroma use only eco bamboo sticks, handmade paper and package made from recycled cotton.

The natural materials and the minimal and modern design of the product enhances the quality of the incense produced by the Maroma brand. The idea behind the project lies in the conservation of the material that is burned: the wooden container preserves the typical scent of the burnt incense that continues to emanate a characteristic scent after its use, simulating the experience one has at interior of Buddhist times where the scent of burning incense mixes with the fragrance emanating from the essences consumed. It is available in two versions: light wood (maple) or dark wood (cherry).

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wooden incense burner holder
wood incense holder
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