Medical design

Keep | Wi-Fi medical device awarded by the K Design Award

Design and development of a smart medical device with tablet interface




KEEP is a medical device designed to make diagnosis and treatment work simpler and more flexible. It’s a technological working surface organized to provide a more ample and comfortable maneuvering area for doctors and their daily activities.
The working surface is a top made of Corian solid surface, a material that well identifies the machine’s durable and robust structure.

Our design company helped the customer to create a versatile and innovative medical product that can be configured with different medical technology. Keep is a medical equipment that start from a medical product concept idea: manage the medical product by an APP, a non-invasive instrumental technological system and is used to assess the condition of the skin.

Keep is a small Hi-Tech desk that is managed via a tablet connected to wi-fi.
The work of the doctor is carried out thanks to a specific app
and is then filed so that it can also be read remotely with other devices.

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