Kitchenware design

Q-box, the lunchbox for demanding people.




Category: Kitchenware
With Q-box it is possible to enjoy a tasty dressed dish without any additional and annoying food containers. The main cap has a mini-box itself, which can contain small quantities of food or sauces.
The containers are sealed through
silicon, but thanks to a small trough, it is possible to pour dressings on the main dish without draining. 
is intended for those people who prefer to eat just one main dish together with delicious dressings or small quantities of food.

Q-box is made by the dish box, a main cap and a second smaller one.
This last can contain also liquids thanks to its sealing.

“With Q-box anymore you will eat undressed salad, sushi without soya, pasta without cheese and whatever you like to mix.”
– Giorgio M, Industrial designer