Medical design

A new design for the newborn division to avoid baby isolation.

Newborn Division



For this project we had to solve the problem of noises and electromagnetic waves generated by mechanical and electrical parts of the incubators.

This kind of fault caused a dangerous isolation of the baby who is in the incubator. Different studies have shown a rise of pathology cases, for examples autism of babies treated in incubators.

This types of technical  problems, that the incubator companies know well, break normal contact between the patient and outside world. Babies are isolated especially because they can’t hear the voices of their parents. Practically they live their first days (sometimes also many months) without hearing the voice that they were used to hearing during the pregnancy.

The project started as a collaboration between the product designer
Piero Quintiliani and architect Alfredo Bigogno. 

The main idea of the project is to eliminate all noises to allow a normal sensory and emotional relationship between the baby, his parents and the outside word. For this reason the incubator has been designed so that parts which make noise are outside: all the electrical parts have been moved away from the baby.

The incubator is fixed on a special bracket which is linked to the control centralized system. All the elements needed for therapy such us oxygen, warm and humidified air and sensors are transported inside the incubator throw this bracket, as a result of this system the parts that cause the noises and the electromagnetic pollution are remote.

In addiction to removing  the problem of noise at source, the communication between inside and outside the incubator has been optimized. It has been adopted a specific system that transduct the sound without  electromagnetic fields.

The incubator is fixed to the bracket using an arm that can rotate 360° with a large amount of flexibility. When indeed, the incubator can be removed and transportated anywhere for example in the room where it is sterilized.

The system has been studied for both new concept of a spherical incubator and also for all incubators that are on the market.

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