Beauty design
Portable device for medical and aestetics treatments.
GMV Group



A restyling project for aesthetic medicine. We preserved the original cubic volume but with a soft and eye-catching design. This aspect is underlined by the combination of materials like the chromed bands that enhances the object. The product is very compact when closed so that it can be transported easily by trolley or handbag. It also has an ad hoc designed cart.
Once opened, the user has all the equipment at hand: the touch screen integrated in the hinged lid, the rechargeable handpieces with pogo pin and additional materials stored in the drawer. The appliance can be powered either by batteries or via an electrical outlet.

The product has been designed to be declined thanks to the pesonalization of elements like the chromed side rings. The color of these parts identifies the product in its models and variants. Moreover it is a detail that enhance the product value and its perception.

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