Wearable design

Smartwatch design for user’s care and well-being

Project of a smartwatch with a discreet design for the safety and well-being of people.




This is one of our first in a long series of wearable projects that our agency has been working on for years. In this project, as in all projects where technology is a key element, we worked closely with the customer and with the team of electronic, software and App engineers who worked with us on the project. It is a care smartwatch used to monitor and control the user’s well-being thanks to the analysis of different factors such as heart beat, skin temperature, proximity and tumble. The product is used in areas such as medical, security, insurance, tourism, etc.

The bracelet had several requirements including: it had to be light, sturdy and discreet. Finally it had to be completely water-repellent and consequently the design completely watertight. Last but not least the need for an iconic design for this startup on which to base their commercial strategy.

To ensure that the electronics were protected from any water infiltration, we created a rigid central body composed of two ABS shells that are ultrasonically welded together. The button and the LED are overprinted.