Industrial design

Concept | Smart tap for hi-tech bathrooms

Design of an innovative bathroom faucet with UI interface 




The smart tap is designed for bathrooms and uses technology to improve its perception.
Water temperature is controlled by a simple Oled monitor touch screen on the top. Through a simple gesture, the user can adjust the temperature indicated by the screen. Even before water flows: this helps to avoid wastes. Furthermore, the sensor allows water to flow only when needed. 

“What we’re looking for is an emotional solution to inspire the consumer around the future potential of technology on the bathroom environments,” says Piero Quintiliani, design director at Pq design Group.

“The design of the faucet derives from the shape of the circle”, says Piero. “The circle as a concept of drop. The design is minimal and aims for simplicity and reduction. A design that balances tradition and the future”


“Future is made by simple gestures.”
– Omer B.Y, UI designer

The minimalistic and linear design enhances the screen’s importance, giving on the whole a modern and elegant look to the tap.

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