Hybrid supermarket cart design

The company, one of the main manufacturers of shopping trolleys in China that exports its products all over the world, decides to entrust our industrial design agency with the product design and product development of a new and exclusive supermarket trolley model made by plastic and metal.


Design & Strategy


Unlike the more classic metal models, the supermarket trolleys made of plastic have different features and performances. These are intended for a customer more attentive especially to issues related to style and shopping experience. The trend among large and small stores is to increasingly adopt plastic and/or hybrid trolleys with a steel supporting structure and colored plastic baskets made by increasingly sophisticated materials. That’s why Kailiou has thought well, through careful scouting, to find an Italian product design studio sensitive to these dynamics and at the same time expert in the product development of complex products such as a shopping cart.

The trolley is a product that by its nature is subjected to numerous stresses that must be kept under control with suitable design tools such as FEA / FEM analysis. Finally, thanks to the extraordinary experience in the design of components made by polymers injection molding and load-bearing structures made of metal chassis; the Pq design team has been able to best interpret the customer’s need, which was precisely to add to its catalog an innovative and original plastic trolley with a modern design and advanced performances.

The client asked us to design and develop a hybrid shopping trolley cart made by metal and plastic to enlarge their market supply.

Different tests have been made to ensure the correct movements of the cart components and its stackability. Thanks to the mechanical design the cart has been stress tests ensured resistance to heavy loads. 

The trolley has been designed to be available in hybrid versions, with metal base, or full plastic version made by injection moulding.