Wearable technology
Entertech Wearable Meditation Headset
Client Entertech Services Product Design Multimedia 2018
The Entertech Wearable Meditation Headset is a wearable headband that allows the user to calm down effortlessly thanks to the biofeedback soundscape created by his real-time brainwaves and heart-rate, thus easily regulate the meditation. The product has 3 color variations: Tech Style, Cool Grey and Total Black. 
The elegant ultraslim design makes it unperceptible and incredibly light, while the rubber band on the back keeps it on perfect position. We made ergonomics studies to include a wide range of users: the extendible arch has an inner soft material to fit better to head forms, while the sticks are slightly flexible to adapt different ears.

The biofeedback datas comes from the three EEG sensors and the Heart-rate sensor precisely located on the forehead, that collect datas and help the user to improve its meditation and relaxation regulating the soundscape.




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