AiCube, the toothbrush that measures blood sugar

AiCube and Pq Design Group are collaborating to create a toothbrush that allows the measurement of blood sugar through saliva. And they also study how to detect Covid. The innovative startup AiCube has brevettato a system that monitors the health of people in a non-invasive way. For some time now, the Milan-based company has focused on proactive prevention and predictive medicine through the development of particular algorithms and through machine learning. Currently, diabetes detection systems are highly invasive and can create problems for many patients. Up to now, blood glucose is measured by means of a normal drawing of venous blood from the arm or by self-monitoring. This meter detects blood glucose by means of a drop of capillary blood, taken from the fingertips of the fingers.

Our aim is to support startups such as AiCube in the development of complex products, supporting the company in all phases of design and development of an innovative product. To create the device, our studio is collaborating with the startup, providing support in product design and collaborating with the team of engineers and experts in electronics and microfluidics involved in the project. We worked following the indications of AiCube, which were immediately very clear: to make the diabetes monitoring system as less invasive as possible.

Conveying a feeling of normality

It was important for us at Pq design group to imagine a new device, capable of transmitting a feeling of normality to users. We wanted the final product design to have the feeling of a “normal” personal care and hygiene product and not a medical product. We have worked to de-medicalise the product by focusing on the concept of non-invasiveness. The expected result is that the user will have the sensation of making a very normal daily gesture and not a withdrawal. This is the focus of the whole design.

Prevention with the AiCube toothbrush

The project is called DOC.D and was created to make diabetes control easier and less invasive. The technology studied by AiCube allows the possibility of making early diagnosis of diseases. These, if diagnosed in time, can be cured or at least reduce complications. Secondary prevention is made possible by collecting the values ​​of specific biomarkers on a daily or weekly basis, in order to have statistically significant data.

The patented device collects a saliva sample using the innovative electric toothbrush. The saliva sample is then piped into the base. Here the value of the reference biomarker is measured, such as glucose for diabetes. And in the future it will also be able to perform covid-like tests (once clinically tested).

How the toothbrush works

The device called DOC.D (Data Organized Collector Devices) includes a physiological liquid (saliva) sample acquisition device, a POP (Point of Prevention) analyzer with disposable cartridge. And a server called “The Cube”, connected wirelessly, which processes data through a Machine Learning algorithm.


The system also provides for user identification through the use of a fingerprint reader. This is to prevent the association of the analyzed sample with an incorrect user. The device consists of several sensors and indicators (visual and sound) to inform the user of the correct sample collection. Brush your teeth, the sample is collected, and then the toothbrush will return to the (POP) for analysis and charging.

Type 2 diabetes mellitus

The AiCube toothbrush was designed to control type 2 diabetes mellitus above all. It is the most frequent form of diabetes, which affects 90% of diabetes cases. And it is typical of the mature age. Those affected have an insufficient amount of insulin to meet the body’s needs (insulin secretion deficit). Or the insulin produced does not act satisfactorily (insulin resistance). It is therefore essential for the patient to have real-time information on changes in glucose levels. It is possible to do this discreetly, thanks to the daily use of this device. This is the goal that Pq design group and AiCube are pursuing.