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Welding machine design.

The project has been prized with the A Design Award, a prestigious international industrial design award. It is a welding machine designed for an important Asian brand. The product is compact and transportable thanks to an optional belt and to a well balanced handle. The cable can be collected on the back of the product thanks to a special “hook” created ad hoc. Thanks to a clever and detailed design we have implemented safety, portability and general ergonomics of the product.

Market analysis

After a careful analysis of the market and international competitors we have chosen with the customer the strategies and solutions for the correct positioning of the product through some innovative design features.


Generally we offer the client different proposals / strategies that offer alternative solutions that the company chose to follow in order to achieve their goals.


The communication of the different design strategies is elaborated through preliminary sketches with details related to the finishes, technologies and costs, contemplated in each of the proposals.

3D Modelling

We created the product paying great attention both to the general feeling that the product needed both to the details and the characteristics of uniqueness, such as the cable reel and the belt support.


The development and the entire product engineering process was successfully completed thanks to the exchange and collaboration between the designers and engineers who participated in this delicate work phase.


The rapid prototypes were used by the company to verify all the assembly phases of the product before proceeding with the production equipment production.

Manufacturing assistance

We followed the customer to carry out the production equipment and tools and together we chose the technical solutions that best exalted the product design.

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