Case History – Tools

Welding machine designed for WTL.

This project received the A Design Award, an important international design award. It is a new model of welding machine designed for the Chinese brand WTL.
The product is compact and transportable with a comfortable belt. The cable can be placed on the back of the product. Project goals have been safety, portability, ergonomy, as well as sustainability: the whole body is made by highly recyclable nylon.

Market analysis

To have a deep knowledge of the market we made a detailed analysis that help the client to choose and understand the product positioning and some design features.


We make different concept proposals to find the right direction to follow with the company.


We delivered preliminar sketches with strong emotional end accurate impact to have a realistic impact.

3D Modelling

We designed the product putting great attenction to details and key and unique features, as the cable wrapper and the belt holder.


Contrairly to many competitors, we decided to use just plastic material for the project, thus having an economical and environmental positive return.


The prototypes of the welding machine help us to optimize the last details of the product, then ready for production.


We helped the client in making a photoshoot that exalt the product design, features and details.

Tools portfolio

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