Toy designer award “Cool Bunny” designed for Alilo has won a “Parents’ Favorite Products – 2016” from Tillywig Toy Awards!

“Cool Bunny is exceedingly well-suited to the listening and learning needs of young minds. Its singularly playful appearance only hints at the range of valuable features it delivers. Not the least of these is the Bluetooth technology that lets Cool Bunny pair with and stream audio directly from devices and apps. Even so, Cool Bunny comes preloaded with children’s songs, lullabies, rhymes, stories, and relaxing white noise. Parents and kids can use the built-in microphone to record and play back their own voices singing and telling stories. The crystal clarity of these recordings reveals just how strikingly high quality Cool Bunny’s built-in speaker is. ABS plastic construction makes Cool Bunny durable and drop resistant, and the soft silicone bunny ears double as reassuring nightlights. USB connectivity makes charging and building playlists a snap, while the 5 hour battery life and 4 GB of storage allow kids to roam untethered while having the time of their lives.” Look the article here