Case History – Toys

Toys design for hybrid game.

Runimalz, an interactive hybrid game, won the European Product Design Award, a prestigious international industrial design award, in the Toys sector. The product can be used both as an innovative interface and as a simple game. This innovative project is made in collaboration with Xplored, the company that created the video game. Specifically we defined, designed and developed in close cooperation with Xplored the gameboard with its characters (creatures and totems). We followed the customer until the product was launched on the market.

Market analysis

As a incredibly innovative toy with no many competitors, we made an analysis of the most similar products on the market.


The client selected one of the three concepts proposals we developed.

3D Modelling

The 3D model of the gameboard has been very accurate to fit all the electronic components in strighted and thin spaces. To this aim we kept regular communications with the electronic engineers.


Thanks to reverse engineering we transformed the virtual animals in phisical and feasable products ready for production.


The prototype has confirmed the design and engineering choices, but it gave us the possibility to enhance and optimize the whole product.

Manufacturing assistance

We followed the project until its market launch. At the end of the project professional photos were taken to show the components and characters of the game.

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