Product design and development

This is an example of Turnkey project from the idea to  production.

For each turnkey project we offer the preliminar cost analisys and time delivery. We can manage all the activites: design, testing, production, quality control, assempbling and shipping. We can manage all the product design and development process.

Industrial Design
The entire process of product design can be divided in different phases.

  • Analysis: first of all to start a project it is fundamental to understand the customer needs and to analyze users, market, competitors, etc.
  • Concept design: it is the first approach to the product. Generally we make skatches and 2D/3D renderings to show to our clients our solutions by a clear visual representation of our ideas.
  • 3D CAD modeling: we use different 3D softwares (like Rhinoceros, Catia, Solidworks, etc) to develop the design concept and transform it to preliminary executive drawings of the product.
  • Engineering: we simulate the extreme stresses that the product can suffer during its life using engineering softwares.
  • Moreover we can also reduce costs and industrialize the projects
Prototyping and test
Modeling is an indispensable mean to study a product design, and consequently to enhance products through a coherent, functional work method that spans the entire process.

The accurate creation of a prototype makes it possible to experiment, test, and verify the project, as well as to confirm ergonomics, performance, and overall perception.

To this aim, both static and dynamic models are produced:

  • static to evaluate form and proportions
  • dynamic to verify functionality and resistance to stress

The materials and techniques used are those of traditional industrial model-making and of the most advanced technologies for fast prototyping: wood, ceramics, plastic, metals and foam materials. Sintering, stereolithography, plaster molds, machines to heat cutting polystyrene and more.

We have the know-how and technologically advanced tools, such as 3D CAD software and CAM systems, for the realization of prototypes and pre-series.

We collaborate with specialized experts in order to carry out all of the steps necessary for the project development and production:

  • thermosetting and thermoplastic molding material (rotational, injection, emptying, etc.)
  • metal molding (cold forging, cast molding, etc.)
  • numerically controlled milling
  • carpentry (tube bending, cutting, welding, etc.)
  • laser cutting
  • thermoforming
  • fast molds in silicone and resyn
  • sheet metalworking

We can work on materials such as metals, plastics, composites, glass, ceramics, wood, cement, Corian, fiberglass, etc.

Ten years of experience and successful position let us select partners on the basis of their professionalism and competitiveness.

Final product